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Avery Law Safety Protocols To Protect Your Health During This Public Health Emergency

Avery Law

Here at Avery Law we care about you and your family’s well being, as well as that of our employees and their families and the health of our communities in general.


We have the ability to provide you our usual full service remotely to the extent you desire and will attempt to minimize the time required of you for in-person office contact. We intend to have our offices staffed, but wherever possible we would suggest use of teleconferencing or video chat through your smart phone. Your lawyers are equipped and ready to do most consultations by video. We can of course send and exchange documents by email or fax. We even have the ability to prepare your schedules electronically from your home. Via My Case Info. Just ask for a referral Link.


To protect everyone’s safety, no persons with cold or flu symptoms or whose family members currently have cold or flu symptoms will be allowed in our offices. Likewise, any Avery Law employees who have or whose family has these symptoms will be working remotely or when necessity requires them to be at the office, the office will be closed to the public.

Many of our offices have outside remote drop boxes in the event you can’t submit documents electronically. U.S. Mail will of course be an option.

To Minimize Your Exposure During this Public Health Emergency here are the Policies and Procedures we are implementing:

  • All initial consultations will be done either via phone or video chat
  • All client signing/finalizations/meetings will be done via phone or video chat
  • Clients will be asked if they have access to a computer to print, sign and send back signature pages when finalization appointment is set.
  • If so, attorney will email petition/signature pages to client.
  • If not, 2 days prior to finalization, staff will print and mail petition and signature pages to client address and enclose a postage paid envelope to return signature pages in.
  • All signing appointments will be done virtually – either copies emailed or mailed
  • Clients wishing to come to the office for us to print so they can sign, must make an appointment to do so.
  • Signature pages will be ready and waiting for client to arrive and sign with minimal wait time.
  • All documents must be sent electronically, by fax, or by mail.
  • Document drop-offs will be by appointment only.
  • Reception will have no more than 1-2 people at a time present. All Public areas will have sanitizing wipe downs every hour including everything from pens to chairs to doorknobs.
  • Clients will be immediately moved to conference rooms as available for appointments
  • All conference room tabletops, mouse, keyboard, phone, and door handle will be wiped clean after each client appointment
  • All staff entering or leaving client areas must use hand sanitizer or wash hands thoroughly
  • Daily office cleaning to be done by staff