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Credit Disputes in Idaho

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When you apply for loans, insurance coverage, or credit cards, your eligibility is heavily based on your credit and, if that information is outdated or incorrect, it can harm you. At Avery Law in Idaho, our experienced legal team can provide the assistance you need to dispute errors and obsolete information that may be affecting your credit. Backed by more than 65 years of collective experience, you can trust in our ability to help you.

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Protecting Your Credit

Part of protecting your credit involves consistently monitoring it to protect yourself from fraud, identity theft, and other data breaches that could potentially affect your credit. You can do this online through various verified websites. If you detect any errors, you should report the inaccuracies. Websites like CreditKarma and give users the opportunity to dispute claims directly or provide a link to the credit bureau where you can report any errors.

After reporting an error, you should receive updates from the credit reporting company. Generally, if the errors have not been addressed within 30 days, it is time to hire experienced legal representation to ensure your credit is repaired. At Avery Law, our attorneys will do what is necessary to dispute any errors on your credit report, so you can get your finances back on track.

Our team understands the difficulties individuals may face as a result of errors in their credit report and will do what it takes to fix the situation and ensure your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) are protected.

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If you recently discovered errors on your credit report, it is crucial to take swift action and dispute them to protect your credit. Damaged credit can have a profound impact on your life, which is why the experienced team at Avery Law in Idaho is dedicated to providing fierce representation and guidance. You should not have to suffer due to mistakes that are not your own. Backed by a history of successful results and more than six decades of experience, you can rely on us for the help you need to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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