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Pocatello Bankruptcy Attorneys

Your Personal Guides to Debt Relief

For some reason, most people assume that heavy debt is something you just have to live with once you accrue it. It is our mission here at Avery Law – Idaho’s largest bankruptcy law firm – to show people the truth: debt can be undone. Using a variety of legal tools, you may be able to find debt relief in less time than you expect.

Since we were first founded in 1985, we have successfully helped more than 6,000 people achieve successful bankruptcies and others still find other debt relief options. We are also known for our exclusive 720 Credit Rebuilding program that can help you buy a new car or home within just two years of your bankruptcy filing.

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Overview of Our Most Popular Services

As a full-service bankruptcy law firm, we are capable of assisting you with every single part of your bankruptcy and debt relief case. Our experience becomes your own when you allow us to act as your guide or legal representatives. We will do as much as we can for your bankruptcy case and filing, allowing you to take a much-needed breather from the situation.

Use our services to help you with the following and more:

  • Chapter 7: If you have overwhelming debt that needs to be liquidated as much as possible, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be right for you.
  • Chapter 13: You can reorganize your debt and repay a portion of it across three-to-five years with Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Asset protection: Using state and federal policies, you may be able to protect your most valuable possessions from repossession and debtors.
  • Automatic stays: Filing for bankruptcy creates an automatic stay on your accounts and property, halting collection efforts in their tracks.
  • Foreclosure defense: Losing your home to foreclosure is frightening, but there are ways you can work against it with our help.
  • Creditor harassment: Tired of creditors calling you at all hours? Talk to our Pocatello bankruptcy attorneys about how to prevent creditor harassment in all its forms.

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