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Filing for bankruptcy is difficult not just from a legal standpoint, but also from an emotional one. Avery Law can guide you through the process, answering questions and helping you break down complex demands into steps you can handle. Our team is experienced and supportive, and many past clients have thanked us for the help we’ve provided during hard times.

We proudly serve clients along the Snake River from one of four office locations. You can visit us in:

Our local attorneys are committed to helping you get a fresh start.

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Bankruptcy and Credit Help for Idaho Residents Since 2014

Avery Law has helped with over 6,000 bankruptcies…and we can help you too. Over the past 34 years we’ve expanded to serve all of southern Idaho with a range of financial issues that include:

Our experienced team has helped individuals and businesses through financial difficulties and substantial life changes. Don’t try to navigate the difficult bankruptcy process on your own. Reach out to our legal professionals for personalized and dedicated care.

Your Trusted Bankruptcy Resource

Bankruptcy is surrounded by a shroud of myths and a tangle of legal requirements. We are here to help you sort through the misinformation and find a clear way forward. If you’re fending off creditors, struggling to keep your utilities on, or even facing eviction or foreclosure, our attorneys may be able to help you fight back against the endless stress of debt.

If even thinking about bankruptcy seems too complicated, our FAQ can help you quickly understand different types of bankruptcy and our free resources allow you to preview what you’ll need to file.

We understand that the last thing you need during hard times is the runaround from expensive lawyers. Avery Law offers a free case evaluation for all new clients, and you won’t have to pay until your bankruptcy has been filed.

We’re here to help you through your bankruptcy, so reach out: Call us at (208) 285-2085 or send us a message now.

Rebuild Your Credit Today! Learn more about how you can safeguard your future

We Want to help you get your life back! so we have partnered with 720 CreditScore program to help you start your journey.

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