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Business Purchase, Sale and Reorganization Lawyers in Boise

Representing Companies Throughout Idaho and the Western United States

Are you ready to buy a business, sell your business or reorganize your business? Is your business no longer profitable because of rapidly accumulating debt? You may be wondering how to grow your business through outside investment or plan out the best method to close your business with the least amount of personal liability. Perhaps you have found outside investors and need assistance in doing the legal work to complete your investment round. Perhaps you would like to give ownership interests to employees. Our team at Avery Law wants you to know that you have more options than you may realize, and our job is to help you develop a highly effective legal and financial strategy.

With more than 65 years of combined experience, our attorneys have truly seen it all. We represent and assist emerging businesses and middle market businesses in all industries, guiding them through seemingly insurmountable financial and legal challenges. We know the “ins and outs” of business/corporate law, bankruptcy law and court approved asset protection legal strategies, which is why we are uniquely qualified to help your company either grow or obtain relief. With our help, you can navigate the business reorganization process with maximum efficiency and restored confidence.

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What Is a Reorganization?

Reorganization is when a business makes substantial changes to ownership structure. The need for reorganization can be as simple as estate planning or asset protection, or as complex as a major investment round, stock sale or merger. Of course, in certain circumstances, reorganization may include bankruptcy under the supervision of the bankruptcy court.

Your reorganization may require the following changes:

  • Buy, selling or closing divisions, locations, departments, etc.
  • Offering incentives to key employees
  • Adding investors
  • Replacing/reducing management
  • Merging or consolidating with another company
  • Changing the structure or ownership of the company

Dissolution Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Reorganization Through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

In certain circumstances either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 business bankruptcy may accomplish your goals. Chapter 7 is a form of bankruptcy where the business is closed down and its assets are sold by the bankruptcy trustee to pay business creditors, but no liability discharge is given. Chapter 11 is a form of bankruptcy that generally allows companies to make significant changes to their operations and management without going out of business. It is the most complex and expensive form of bankruptcy, however, which is why we urge you to let us guide you through the process. In some case, Subchapter V of Chapter 11 can keep a small business operating at a much lower legal expense. With our help, you can navigate the requirements of Chapter 11 if it would work for you, and advise you on how to minimize your losses and maximize the likelihood of a successful reorganization.

For more details about any of these forms of reorganization, get in touch with our professionals at Avery Law.

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