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Sep 7, 2015 | | Fruitland, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

My financial situation was horrendous. That coupled with my daughter's death was pushing me over the edge. Avery Law helped me straighten out my financial problems which has, in turn, given me an easier path in grief over my daughter. Avery Law treated me with professional courtesy and a sincerity that was real. I would unhesitatingly recommend them for any type of legal assistance, any time and anywhere.

Jul 19, 2016 | | Fruitland, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Mark and Crystal helped us through a very trying time. They understood why and how we came to the point of filing bankruptcy. They were helpful and caring. we appreciated them so much. I highly recommend Avery Law in Meridian, ID

Dec 2, 2013 | | ,
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Thanks John for everything you did for us. It is so nice to have no debts for once in our lives!

Jan 2, 2014 | | ,
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Because of my situation I was very nervous to meet with anyone. John made the process as simple as possible. Not only did he do a great job handling my case, he was very friendly and easy to work with. Thanks so much John!

Jul 2, 2013 | | ,
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Thanks John! The work you did for us was painless and your fees were very reasonable. We will do business with you again.

Nov 7, 2017 | | Pocatello, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Ryan made a very difficult process manageable. He always put us first and helped us navigate this difficult process with kindness and professionalism. I lost my job and couldn't pay my debts and he helped me realize there was hope.

Jun 11, 2016 | | Pocatello, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Going through a bankruptcy is never easy. A person's self worth feels like crap and having to enter the world of owing people money and not being able to pay them back is scary. Creditors do not care about anything except getting their money. I appreciate the work my attorney Ryan Farnsworth did for me. He was very thorough and explained things to me and also what was expected of me in a simple manner. He also expected me to be aware of the bankruptcy system and what is expected of me and what my responsibilities were. And, of course, to be totally honest with the whole process. He was very patient with all of my questions. He is an easy person to talk with and not judgmental at all. Christopher Hughs is an awesome case manager. He also explained the court system and what to expect and was there for all of my many questions. He wrote a letter about the day to be in court and stated that he knew that this was a stressful situation for me. It was a nice personal touch to say he was aware of how I felt, instead of just sending me a form letter. So, it is nice to be debt free again. I appreciated taking the required classes on financial management and responsibility. Before the bankruptcy, I had dozens of calls from creditors daily on my cell phone. I had countless threatening letters arrive in my mail from bill collectors. Now, it is quiet and peaceful with the phone and mail. A relief. I get mail now offering me a post-bankruptcy deal on new credit cards or a new car.. I have a strength from the class to ignore these tempting offers to get in debt again! It is nice to read them and shred them and feel strong to turn my back on these tempting but destructing debts! Jennifer N.

Feb 26, 2014 | | Boise, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Thank you for all your help through these trying times.

Nov 2, 2013 | | ,
Client's rating: 5 of 5

The bankruptcy case went very smooth and I was impressed at how easy John made the whole process.

Nov 23, 2016 | Boise, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Not only is Mark Avery an amazing attorney, his staff is just as amazing. From the moment I walked in to the office, I knew I was in good hands. I never felt like I was being judged or like I should be embarrassed or ashamed about the reason I was there. I was completely confident in this office and they helped me through every step of the process. Thank You!

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