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Struggling with extensive debt? Having helped numerous individuals and families with more than 3,000 bankruptcies, our bankruptcy lawyers have developed a breadth of experience and legal knowledge that we use to help our clients through the complexities of the bankruptcy process.

Avery Law serves all of Southern Idaho, with offices in Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Twin Falls, and we have helped thousands of clients since 1985. Founding attorney John O. Avery has an "Excellent" rating on Avvo and is a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialist through the American Board of Certification, and he is the only bankruptcy attorney in Idaho to have achieved this distinction. The American Board of Certification is sponsored by the following associations:

  • American Bar Association's Bankruptcy Institute
  • Commercial Law League of America

Committed to delivering positive results that can last a lifetime, our firm has proven that we have the capabilities and commitment needed to help clients complete their unique actions as swiftly and accurately as possible.

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Personalized Bankruptcy Services

Personal and business bankruptcy has been our firm's staple for nearly 30 years. As bankruptcy is the core of our practice, you can be confident that our legal team has the skills and insight needed to handle whatever your case may bring. This includes comprehensive services for clients looking to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Focused on educating clients about the bankruptcy process and on providing them with the information they need to be successful in the future, our attorneys also make it a point to help you understand exactly what you can expect when you come to us in your time of need. This includes debunking many of the misleading bankruptcy myths and providing you with information about the bankruptcy timeline and the benefits of bankruptcy.

Our firm is also able to draw from our extensive experience to provide clients with additional legal assistance. Should you need help protecting yourself from creditor harassment, you can trust in our Idaho bankruptcy attorneys to protect your rights. Proud members of the community, we have also seen first-hand how financial uncertainties have threatened the homes of many local residents. This is why we devote a great deal of attention, effort and resources toward helping clients with a variety of foreclosure defense actions.

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Every service that Avery Law provides is designed to benefit our clients and to help them meet their immediate needs and long-term goals. As we feel that choosing Avery Law can be the best decision you make during your bankruptcy journey, we want all prospective clients to take advantage of our free case evaluations. During these consultations, you can meet with an experienced and caring member of our legal team to receive an in-depth analysis of your current financial situation to learn about your available debt relief options. You can also voice your questions and concerns and learn about the way in which our Idaho bankruptcy attorneys can help you on your way toward strong economic health.

We Deliver the Support You Deserve

Whatever your needs may be, Avery Law is here to help. Our commitment to the needs of clients has earned us recognition throughout the local and legal communities, and we enjoy a number of professional memberships in bar associations and courts throughout Idaho. If you would like to learn more about working with Avery Law during your bankruptcy, contact our firm today.

Avery Law proudly serves clients along the Snake River Valley, with offices in Boise, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Idaho Falls.

Why Choose Avery Law?

Our firm has the experience necessary to deliver the high-quality services you require. We offer comprehensive services to help clients who are in need of foreclosure defense or protection from creditor harassment. Bankruptcy can be complex for many individuals, whether they are just beginning to consider debt relief or they have already exhausted other options.

We stand by our clients and strive to help them achieve a positive case outcome. We can explain the timeline of bankruptcy and provide perspective and legal counsel regarding your circumstances. Our Boise bankruptcy attorneys have a range of skills to use to your advantage and can offer the insight you need.

We utilize every attribute that our legal team possesses in order to help clients, including:

  • Experience
  • Personal attentiveness
  • Knowledge of the laws
  • Devotion to clients
  • Excellent results

Our firm is committed to ensuring that our clients achieve the best possible results. As you seek a better financial future, your first step should be to schedule a free case evaluation. Contact our firm at your earliest convenience!