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2021 Tax Return Requirement

Dear Clients,

If you filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2021 you remain under a tax turnover order issued by the court, regardless of whether your case remains open, or already closed.

This means the trustee gets to see your tax returns, and might be able to demand turnover of some or all of your refund. In some cases the trustee merely wants to see them. If your case remains open, you may need to amend your schedules to declare your refund and claim exemptions to protect it. If amendments are necessary there is a $250 fee, as this is not required in all cases, nor is it priced into our base price.

Please email or mail or bring us a copy of your federal and state tax returns for 2021, including Schedule 1, if filed, for business income, and don't spend your refund until we confirm whether the trustee intends to claim any of it. File early as the IRS has indicated returns will be slow this year.

As always, contact us with any questions.